Mona and her team are awesome! Loved the experience! If I ever need to do another tag sale I will definitely call them back! Thanks guys for everything!

Cari C 11/22/2023

Amazing service from start to finish! Mona and her team were amazing, quick, thorough and a pleasure to work with. We were dealing with my mothers death and ALL her stuff left in her home we are trying to sell, Mona’s team came in set everything up to look beautiful and ready for sale! I was blessed during the sale to have people around me who knew what they were doing and the value of items. The experience shows from the first moment you meet Mona. The day of sale I felt I didn’t even have to be there, but I was there and stayed out of the way to let the team work their magic.. I didn’t have to lift a finger! Thank you to all who participated in this process, everyone was kind, compassionate and good at their jobs. I highly recommend Mona and her team of wonderful beautiful ladies.

Gail B 11/20/2023

They are the Best !! staff and clean out service ... Neil R 10/28/2023

Mona did a great job. We had a large house that we had lived in for 47 years and were downsizing. We had collected too much extra furniture, housewares, and memorabilia. Mona's tag sale was a success despite heavy rain. The people she partners with to donate any remaining good stuff and clear out the rest are excellent. When they were done, our house was clean and ready for the buyer. The walk-through went perfectly. I recommend Mona very highly. She' has a great team of people and is an honest and very good

Corrine M. 9/26/2023

Mona and her crews helped me immensely through every step of a complex move-out situation at a house that contained 3 generations of antiques, collections, and other assorted junk. Her guys unloaded both huge attics and a three-car garage in anticipation of the tag sale, and I couldn't believe how quickly and carefully they were able to get the work done. Then, her girls tidied up the house interior leading into the tag sale. They were able to capably identify which items may or may not be worth selling, which was a crucial part of the process. The tag sale itself was run in a very orderly fashion, and I was very pleased with the results. After all of that her guys came back and filled up *3* 40 yard dumpsters over three days, preparing the house for its new owners.

Mona and her crews were with me from start to finish on this project and I can't recommend them highly enough. Just a ton of thanks to everyone that was involved!

Stan J 6/22/2023

Tracy is so friendly! Excellent communication and helped us from beginning to end! Jimmy and crew wonderful! Marian D 7/2023

Recently went to one of their sales and it was awesome. The staff was very polite and helpful. The prices were very reasonable and fair. Will most certainly go to more of their sales. Mona was beyond helpful and a great person to work with. I would highly recommend them. Anthony H 5/2023

Mona helped me sell and empty out a house full of possessions of a relative who had passed away. I wanted to get the best price possible on what could be sold, but also empty out the house with as little as possible ending up in the landfill. Mona set up the sale, advertised the items online, used her sales network to get good prices on a range of items, and completed the sale quickly. She then had a charity come in and truck away what they could use, and emptied out the house until it was broom clean. I recommend her and her team most highly. Bradley B 4/2023

Cleaning out a home no matter what the reason is challenging, overwhelming, stressful, and a time consuming ordeal. If the question that you keep on asking yourself as you walk through every room is “where do I start and how am I going to do this?” your not alone. I would like to save you time and money by recommending Tag Sales By Mona. Mona her staff, and services take care of everything. Mona truly came to my rescue when I had to clean out my mom’s house. For me it was also very emotional experience. This was my family home for 58 years filled with all of my mom’s things and many memories. The day I arrived back at the house after the set up for the tag sale I was so impressed by the work Gwen and Lina accomplished. They truly have amazing organizational skills, but more than that I could see the care and pride that they put into their job. Mona herself had such a calming effect on me. She is pleasant to work with, conscientious, honest, extremely knowledgeable, reliable, reputable, and looks out for her clients best interests. She has all the resources for contacts including a Charity for donations, and a fantastic clean up crew to get your home ready for the final work through and closing. Mona even got me the tag sale date I needed on short notice. The tag sale itself went great Tracey, Tom, and Gwen made sure everyone purchased something. I must say Mona and her entire staff are very hard working and caring. An extra plus is Mona is willing to work with the Village Of Rockville Centre if you need a permit

Angela V 12-10-2020

Recently had a private tag sale run by Mona. She had a list of clients ready to come into my home. Because of the current pandemic, we had to limit buyers. Mona did a great job having the right people looking for the merchandise that we were offering. Great job.

Marc M 6-20

Mona was very professional and she helped me during a very trying time. She moved a lot of merchandise for me and when I came back the next day the condo was spic and span clean a completely empty out. I would recommend her

Tommy 5-20

I have been shopping at Mona’s Tag sales for 2 decades. Mona and her team have always been helpful and treat you like an extended family member. You can see that she and her team have a true passion for their profession the moment you walk in to her sale. Mona understands what you are looking for, which is not just a sale item but an experience you chose over many others available to you. Thank you Mona and Team -to many more!!

Michael G 10-19

I recently hired Mona to do a Tag Sale at my mother’s home. The setup woman Gwen & Lina were great. They made my moms home like a boutique. The day of the sale Tom, Tracy & Lina did such an amazing job. It was freezing out so I thought no one would come to the sale. I was shocked that there was a line all day! There were things that I thought would sell and they didn’t sell and things I thought would never sell did sell. They told me that happens all the time. I hired them to do the clean out. The charity showed up and took a lot of stuff. The clean out crew worked so hard and cleaned out everything. They did a wonderful job. They went out of their way to help move some furniture I was keeping to my car. They were so nice. I wanted to thank Mona for everything. You guys were fantastic! Thank you so much for making an emotional time in my life easier. You took a great weight off my shoulder.

Lisa G 12/19

I moved my elderly parents out of the house they had lived in for 40 years. Mona was great. She arranged for a tag sale that attracted a tremendous number of buyers. When Mona completed her work, the house was empty and clean. I highly recommend her

Andrew S 11/2019

Mona I can’t tell you how pleased we are with you and your team. The whole experience was painless for us and your team is efficient, pleasant, honest, nice, courteous and hard working but there are really not enough superlatives to describe them. Thank you. I will highly recommend your services to anyone I know in need of these services. Thanks again.

Christine D 6-30-19

I would like to compliment Mona and her staff. My precious mother passed away and her condo does not permit traditional tag sales. And there is virtually no street parking in my Mom’s area. Mona was able to arrange a “by-appointment only” limited tag sale. I feel that under the unfavorable circumstances, Mona and her team did the very best they could. Although my family and the real estate agent and even Mona suggested I not put myself through the emotional stress of being present, I chose to just sit quietly by during the sale. I was pleasantly surprised to see how Mona and her assistant had arranged all of Mom’s possessions throughout her condo and saw how hard she and her assistant worked all day to attractively re-arrange everything as items were sold. I heard Mona hold her ground when a buyer wanted to pay less than the price Mona had posted. I watched her relent if necessary to make a worthwhile sale. At the end of the day, Mona and I counted the money out together a couple of times. I was not present for the charity pick-up or clean-out which Mona also had arranged, but the walk-though by the new buyers went off without a hitch. I was given receipts, a break-down of Mona’s fee and commission, a receipt from the charity pick-up and the clean-out person’s charge. And finally a check.

Judith W 11-17-18

Mona helped me so much. I didn’t know what to do with all my things when we were downsizing. I had some great pieces that Mona sold right away. Her network of people was very impressive. From piano guys. Art guys. Furniture guys… Everything! She’d make a call and things were done! I also had a lot of nick nacks that I thought would end up in the trash. I can’t believe how much of it sold! I paid for their clean out service after and they left the house ready for my closing sale. What a relief to not have to handle all this on top of working and everything else. Thanks Mona and team! I’ll definitely be referring you.

Chrissy S 10-1-18

I just had an extremely successful Tag Sale with Mona and wanted to leave this review as a HUGE thank you! Mona is incredibly professional – easy going but tough when needed, as you would expect someone who is so successful in this line of work needs to be. She definitely delivered ABOVE AND BEYOND on the promises she made at our initial meeting. As a family/home that accumulated very unique items, I was shocked at the turnout the morning of my sale. It’s clear that she must have a huge following to deliver such a great turnout with results to show, considering the unique pieces we had. If you want a profitable and organized Tag Sale, I highly recommend Mona and her staff, who were equally as professional and efficient. Thank you Mona!

David Liu 9-29-18

I highly recommend this company. I found myself overwhelmed when I had to organize a tag sale for my uncle’s estate. He had two adjacent properties full of construction/plumbing tools, power tools, and supplies. He also had a fully loaded home with vintage designer furniture (80’s). Thankfully, this company has established a professional clientele (art dealers, contractors, jewelers, etc) with specific tastes who bought most of my inventory. Beyond that, this company has also built a strong and loyal following of customers who showed up at the tag sale. The sales team expertly organized the house and property into a department store with different sections of merchandise. They negotiated the best price on each item, and never settled for less. Although I feel that they were understaffed and overwhelmed by the large crowd, the sale was a success! I made a lot of money, more than I expected, and I owe it all to this company. They provide a valuable service.

Sam M 2-19-18

I have very unique items and I was shocked at the turnout the morning of my sale. She must have a huge following to deliver such a great turnout with my unique pieces.
If you want a profitable and organized Tag Sale I would highly recommend her and her staff who were equally as professional and efficient.

David 9/29/18

It was a pleasure working with you. You and your crew were amazing. Now Karen and I feel relaxed knowing that we are ready for closing. Thanks

David S 12-19-17

I am an older woman, 59, who had to move from a four bedroom house to a one bedroom apartment. I was totally overwhelmed. Mona and her team ran an amazing tag sale, provided me with a person who took the furniture/items that wouldn’t sell, and donated them. Lastly, a clean up crew came over and cleaned out the garbage. I can not say enough wonderful things about Mona and her staff. They made an overwhelming situation, the easiest experience I have ever had to endure!!!

Debbie M 12-14-17

Mona recently did a tag sale and clean out of the home my Mom had lived in for over 60 years. We hired her at the last moment due to our own lack of organization. She was able to arrange for the tag sale and clean out start to finish in two and a half weeks. And even though we had taken a significant amount of furniture out of the house, we made a profit.
My sister and I live out of town so we had to leave everything in Mona’s hands. I came back to do a final walk through before the closing and I couldn’t have been more pleased.

Flipside Design 12-4-17

Mona, Tracy and the entire crew did a fantastic job in assisting selling off many items in a home that I had sold. With their contacts (followings) they were able to sell items (long time family possessions) that will now see a second life that makes me feel good. It was an efficient operation that worked well into my schedule. I enjoyed the experience and appreciate being present during the sale, which I believe is imperative. Thanks

Mark H 8-29-17

I just completed a successful tag sale at my home. I wanted to thank Mona and the entire staff for taking the weight off my shoulders and selling my things that I could not take with me. I stayed at my house during the tag sale and I really enjoyed the interaction between the staff and the customers. They sold a lot of stuff for me and I was so happy! After the tag sale was complete, I hired Mona to clean out my home. First a charity came in and took a ton of stuff for donation and left me a charity receipt, after that the crew came to clean out what remained. They did a great job too. I want to thank you all for your hard work and making my move a lot less stressful.

Alex F 8-12-17

We just have to acknowledge the outstanding professional service from Tag Sales by Mona. They are the best organizer’s, best in sales, best in honesty and made our life just a little sweeter with their genuine kindness. Thanks you helped us so much! ❤️

Majorie H 6-13-17

Mona is truly Fabulous! She delivers in every way and then some, with great style, consideration and humor! The crew is also top notch! She really knows the business.

Robin B 6-5-17

I love going to Tag Sales by Mona sales. I always get a good bargain and I find the staff to be friendly and helpful and I get a kick out of negotiating prices. I have bought some large furniture from them and the staff has helped me many times to carry the furniture out. I give them all a lot of credit, they keep their composure where a lot of people would not be able to. Thanks to everyone there!

Chris M 5-8-17

Perfect!! Mona and her entire crew were wonderful. It was such a difficult time in my life selling my parents home and they made it much easier. They were very understanding and comforting. The staging of my home for the sale was terrific! The crew was friendly and courteous. They displayed items in cabinets, closets and made my parents home look like a boutique. The crew that came the day of the sale were great. I knew going into the sale that I was not going to get retail prices but they worked really hard making deals and getting the most money they could for my parents belongings. I was so surprised of some of the things that sold and some of the things that didn’t sell. In the end I made more money than I thought I would. It was also comforting knowing that someone else will appreciate my parents things as they did. After the sale was I chose Mona to clean out the house. The charity Mona provided was there all day taking stuff for donation and the clean out crew was there cleaning out the house. They worked really hard and did fabulous job. After they were finished the house was ready for the new homeowners to move in. I want to thank Mona and her crew for a job well done and I appreciate everything they did for me.

Toni Anne 1/17

My parents have a house in Brooklyn and didn’t have enough for a tag sale, however Mona arranged for a charity to pick up items and then to do a clean out of what’s left. Both the charity and the clean out crew did a great job. I was amazed at how much the charity was able to take. And equally impressive job was done by the clean out crew who took the remaining items and “Broom Cleaned” the entire house. I would highly recommend their services. Much thanks to all!

Phil G

I must say that Mona and her staff are a well oiled machine and were such a God send during a difficult time. I have an aunt whom I have had the responsibility to care for and help transition to an assisted living center due to her mental and physical decline. Due to her financial situation her home of 45 years needed to be put on the market to pay for her care. Between Mona, her staff and charity contacts we were able to find homes for all of my aunt’s items that had some life left in them. For those items that had lived their life span, she helped to arrange for their disposal. Everything was handled in a timely fashion and exactly as we were told. It was convenient to deal with one company instead of multiples to get the job done. Clearing a home can be a very difficult job. Mona and crew made that process as easy as it can be done. Each of her staff members were extremely polite and courteous though out the entire time they worked with us. As I started this process I met a stranger that I now call my friend. I can totally recommend Mona and her crew without any hesitation.

J Barnes

Who is Mona ???? Just the best!!!! She did everything in her power to sell everything and worked tirelessly. She fulfilled every promise. Her staff and customers seem to have been by her side for many years. Both sellers and buyers leave satisfied. Her 18 year longevity and many contacts give her advantages that others may not have.

Bob & Sandy Weintraub

Mona, Thank you for a great day today. You are a very kind and fair person. I enjoyed you as a person, business woman and how fair you were but firm also. I hope to be there tomorrow morning again in Freeport. I am just trying to find some money wherever I can find it so I can purchase a few other things and hopefully talk about the veritos lens again. Regards, Primo

Primo 3-28-14

I highly recommend Tag Sales by Mona. Her staff is extremely efficient, organized and professional. I am especially impressed with the creativity and talent of her staging/set-up team. Not only was every item displayed and merchandised in a very high-end and appealing manner, but they were extremely fast and focused. Additionally, Mona is very accommodating and always makes herself available to her clients – answering any questions and returning phone calls immediately. Thank you Tag Sales By Mona

Maria P March 19, 2014

My Mom sold her house after 48 years in Great Neck in the Broad lawn Harbor section of Kings Point. It was a big house with more stuff than one could imagine. Furniture, fine art work and everything one could be looking for. Mona did a fantastic job organizing the sale, running it and selling like crazy. She under promised and over delivered. The true test is that if I had another sale to do I would use her again. She is great. She is great in this arena. Many thanks again Mona. You made us proud of you.

Rick Meyer
November 04, 2013

We had a tag sale recently run by Mona, and it was completely professional, very smooth and very successful. Mona and her team are wonderful people, and excellent to work with. I’d recommend her highly.

David N
July 19, 2013

Mona and her staff were amazing. Throughout my move, they kept in touch with me, kept to every deadline and left my house perfectly cleaned out for my walk through before closing. Mona had to do things in a hurry because my closing was moved up unexpectedly, and she made it happen. She’s great. I would absolutely use her services again and I would highly recommend her.

July 09, 2013

We had a huge estate sale at my parent’s mansion. I was worried about having a sale at such a large house, but Mona and her large crew were very professional and kept everything under control. They managed the entire process and everything ran smoothly. The best part is that Mona has a large following of buyers who attend her sales, so a lot of people showed up for it. Everyone was trying to haggle, and Mona was fair to everyone. Even when the crowd was getting anxious, Mona kept them under control. Nobody messes with her!

Kayvon Afshari
July 05, 2013

Mona did a tag sale for me for my mom’s house last weekend. Her pre-sale set up staff was unbelievably thorough and efficient. The sale itself went extremely well, Mona has a great following of customers which helps sales tremendously. All in all – a great experience for me. Would highly recommend.

Lisa Beige
June 29, 2013

We purchased a huge dining room table today and Mona’s son helped my husband get it home. I found Mona and her team very professional and very fair.

Daniela Bronstein
June 23, 2013

Very nice courteous service.

June 18, 2013

I had the pleasure of meeting Mona at a recent West Islip sale. My boyfriend and I visited the sales a couple of times. Mona and her crew were top notch. I highly recommend going to her sales.

Michelle Jensen
May 26, 2013

When you meet Mona you know you have met the right person for the job at hand. Our Tag sale filled an entire house with everything from antiques and collectables to house wares and hardware and furniture accumulated over 60 years. From setup to sale date which took two days, Mona and her staff handled the job with the utmost professionalism and integrity getting a fair price for items sold for both the seller and the buyer, I would highly recommend Mona to anyone who needs to liquidate an estate or a home or business!

Jim Fitzgerald
March 19, 2013

Once, when I was taken behind the scenes at the Circus, I saw logistical magic. Elephants, complicated equipment and fancy costumes all moved and put back in good order almost immediately. I thought it was the most amazing thing I had ever seen, until I met the team at Tag Sales by Mona/Junkbuster. Before I met Mona (who is part therapist) I thought the task of emptying my mother’s home was impossible. How could we make sense, and/or money out of 60 years worth of furniture, treasures and lots of true junk? No need to wonder anymore. The answer is Tag Sales by Mona. Lots of stuff sold for “good money”, lots was given to charity for “good karma” and lots was appropriately hauled off as trash…. “good riddance!”. The house was left spotless. Mona Scavo says what she means and means what she says. Don’t be fooled by her tough, professional demeanor…she is a caring and compassionate individual who can truly make your life easier. Stop worrying…call her today, hire Mona to handle everything!

JoAnne Kaplan
February 19, 2013

Tag Sales by Mona was nothing but professional and accommodating. Mona offered every level of service for us to chose from – setting up and executing the tag sale and arranging for a charity to pick up additional items. She was prompt in her payment with an itemized list of items that sold and their costs. She was a pleasure to work with.

February 05, 2013

Always the most organized, civilized estate/tag sale available~-will always follow Mona!

Michele M Hong
January 25, 2013

My wife and I want to thank Mona for her expertise, attention to detail and cooperation in planning and successfully executing our house tag sale in Oyster Bay Cove the accumulated contents of 42 years of our and our children’s stuff as well as arranging for local charities to pick up those goods that were not sold, and carting the balance of the items from our house and preparing it so it was broom clean and ready to be delivered to the buyers. Mona is a great lady, a very legitimate business woman and most of all, she is caring and kind. She is also one smart tough lady!LOL

Ira Smith
December 16, 2012

Mona, Tommy, Tracy you are all fantastic. You guys did my sale in August and the return was more than expected. I had contacted a different tag sale person who would not take the sale, they claimed there was not enough to do a sale. You guys took it and everyone walked away happy. I will be recommending your service to a friend who is moving in February and has a mansion in Hewlett Harbor. Thanks Again

Norman & Joan Goldberg
November 27, 2012

Mona and her incredible team are true miracle workers! What they accomplished in a few days, my family and I were not able to accomplish in years! Mona was not only professional, but also wonderfully supportive and compassionate, as she helped me through an emotionally difficult time, preparing my ailing mother’s home to be sold.

September 03, 2012

Thank you so very very much for giving Christa an idea about the furniture in the house they are buying. That was so kind of you. It is greatly appreciated by Christa and Scott and by me. You are always there to help people – no matter what. That is what makes you such a unique and wonderful person. I have you on my list of important numbers to remember – carry it in my handbag every day.Hope you get some time to rest and enjoy the rest of the summer. Thanks again.
Fondly, Nora

August 23, 2012

In three short words: MONA IS MAGIC!!! We had an experience on July 29th at the tag sale of perfection by a woman and her staff of hand picked individuals that took a most difficult, varied and unique conglomerate of multi-generations of “items/trinkets/memories and impossible challenges” to a level of expertise that was beyond all expectations. And with a clientele of shoppers that was non-stop from start to end, sales from “bathroom tissue” through and including an SUV 4 X 4 were mind boggling. Only Mona—> her magic and more importantly talents and total knowledge of the business could come through. Right on!!

Gail & Harvey Lieberman
August 13, 2012

I just had a sale done by Mona’s team on 3-3-2012. They did a bang up, great job both in knowledge and action! Could not have been more pleased, especially with the short notice I gave them.

Douglas Lackner
March 05, 2012

Hi Mona, I just wanted to express my gratitude and appreciation to you and your staff Tracy, Tom and Lena for all their professional, supportive and pleasant handling of my tag sale today. All of you helped make this transition for me easier and fun. It was truly an adventure and good beginning to moving out of my home and moving on with my life. Thanks again, Chris

Christine Fiasconaro
February 21, 2012

Mona and her exemplary team seamlessly managed a tag sale at my home on May 6th, 2012. The morning of the sale it rained cats and dogs but this did not deter the enthusiasm of the three member team nor the outcome of the sale. I was extremely pleased by Mona’s honesty and professionalism and would highly recommend her services. Thank you MONA and Big 3 TEAM members for a great day!!!

Doreen Rao
May 22, 2012

Thank you so very much to Mona and her entire crew… Our tag sale was run expertly from start to finish.. and we made more money than we expected. It was very professional done. Please do not hesitate to go with MONA!!!

Lisa Zebrowski
March 14, 2012

Mona organized and handled a tag sale for my family, and she and her staff were very professional, timely, and courteous. What felt like an enormous and unwieldy job was excellently executed by Mona — she satisfied every expectation and more.

March 12, 2012

I am of the down-sizing generation and vacated my Long Island home of 30+ years yesterday. I packed and removed what I wanted but the house was still loaded with “stuff.” Enter Mona’s team of Junk Busters. They removed everything, cleaned the surfaces and left the house better than broom clean for the new owners. I have already recommended Mona’s services to my realtor and will definitely recommend her to my friends and acquaintances. I am beyond pleased.

February 23, 2012

I can’t say enough good things about Mona and her staff. Tag sales can be a very difficult time for a family. But Mona’s team came in and took care of everything, from advertising the sale, to setting it up, to cleaning out the house. Everything was handled with professionalism, honesty and humor – which was much appreciated. Thank you for everything!

September 29, 2011

There is no sale better than a sale run by Mona and her FABULOUS staff. She is charming and personable, and shows respect to those around her in a genuine and sincere way. She is reasonable and fair with her pricing, and creates an atmosphere of calm and ease, which is quite challenging in the tag sale industry. Her staff’s organizational skills are phenomenal, and they are very knowledgeable and helpful. I always go to her sales over others when she is in my area. I am very grateful to her for giving me the assurance that where I am going is worthwhile. Thanks Mona and all of the wonderful people at Junkbuster! Xo~ Amanda

May 14, 2011

My wife and myself went to a sale by Mona, and we got a great deal on a dinning room table and chairs, the staff was great, and we cant wait to go to more of Mona’s sales, GREAT JOB MONA!!!!!!!

February 15, 2011

The services we received Name Mona where outstanding. Referred to us by our attorney, we could not have had a better experience in preparing a home for market. The work leading to the Tag Sale was extremely thorough, the sale very well attended, and the proceeds exceeded our expectations. The clean up left the house ready for showing. Very remarkable for a home with sixty years of accumulated memories. Name our first meeting, Mona told us what to expect, and delivered with a turn key operation. We highly recommend her to you.

Doug Holmes
February 14, 2011

Dear Mona,
Thank you so much for the great job you and your staff did at my tag sale. You took a great deal of stress out of my life by handling my sale for me and you, Tom, and Ellen were very professional, helpful and friendly.Thanks again!

January 16, 2011

Dear Mona,
Although this thank you is long overdue, the sincerity is real. My brother and I could not possibly have done the tag sales and cleanout of our parents’ home prior to selling it last spring without you and your crew. Even though it was an emotional process for us, your level headedness and patience made it much easier for us to complete it. You treated us like family and we will be always be thankful for all your hard work. Although I’m determined not to hold on to too much “stuff” in the future, I would definitely call upon you again! I have already highly recommended you to our realtor and neighbors!
Best regards,Celeste

January 06, 2011

Mona did a tag sale and clean out for me in November. It was a last minute rush deal because I had to close on my house right away. She was efficient and did a wonderful job. But the most amazing thing was that the night before my sale Mona fell and injured herself rather severely. Anyone else would have postponed the sale or at least had someone else handle the sale. Not Mona. She came (battered and bruised) and handled everything for me as promised. The clean out was a huge job and that was also handled efficiently and timely. All of this was a great help to me at a very difficult time. I would highly recommend her services. Thanks to Mona and her lovely staff.

Audrey Libroia
December 20, 2010

My husband and I were really pleased with everything you did. Mona, Ellen, Tom and everyone were just great; thanks very much!!

Joanne Burns
December 18, 2010

Mona and her “crew” ran our tag sales in Roslyn last weekend. I was amazed. I was not going to have this sale at first. I did not wish to have people tramping thru my house even though I was moving. I am glad I did. The salewas orderly and well as professional run. I would never have expected to realize the results!!!Thank you Mona

Bruce Weisinger
November 15, 2010

Hi Mona:
Thank you again Name all of my family for the wonderful tag sale & clean-out service. Everyone was so nice and the sale was a success. My son & my nephew (both 14 years old) got a real kick out of Lorraine and how she wouldn’t budge on some of the prices. Of course it is an emotional process for my Mom after so many years in her house, but they were very happy years and that is what really matters. You helped to make this transition a little easier and took away all of the worry about how we would get this job done because you did the job for us. Thanks again, Mona, you have a great group of people working for you and I would definitely refer you to anyone that I know. (Speaking of referrals, I forgot to tell you that we went with Eddie Keating for the move to East Northport which went great, too. We actually found my Dad’s High School portfolio the night before the move and inside, drawn in great detail was a 1930’s Moving Van! Talk about timing…

Lorraine Penoro

Dear Mona,
I just want to thank you for the wonderful job you did clearing out my cousin’s house in West Hempstead. Since I live in the Chicago area, trying to hire someone to run a tag sale and a home clean out Name out of town (Name internet websites) is certainly a leap of faith. However after several conversations with you, I felt you were the right person for the job. I was not disappointed. You came out, ran the sale, and cleaned out the house for closing, just like you said you would. I can’t thank you enough for the great job you did!!!!!

Erica Chicago
October 31, 2010

Quick, efficient, reliable, professional! I called Mona at 8pm on a Tuesday evening & I had a meeting with Lorraine the next morning at 10am. Lorraine was a pleasure to work with as was Jimmy, Boris & crew! I will definitely recommend Tag Sales by Mona to other. Mona’s team made what would have been a very stressful, overwhelming task a breeze. Worth every penny! Thank you Mona, Lorraine, Jimmy, Boris and team!

October 01, 2010

Thank you for the excellent service. It was not only run well but it exceeded our expectations. We were comfortable with Mona and her crew and had fun in the process.

Gail and Jim Brick
September 29, 2010


August 31, 2010

We have never seen anyone as professional as you. You dealt with every iota of the sale and truly maximized pricing. Your Great.

August 11, 2010

Dear Mona,
Thank you for doing a terrific job. You have a great balance of being totally professional and having a sense of humor through it all. We thought having a tag sale would be a difficult experience, but you turned it into an easy one. You were a great find and I would recommend you to anyone. Thanks again.

Patty – Long Island, New York
August 05, 2010

Tommy and Ellen ran my tag sale and I was shocked and pleased by the success!! so much sold and I walked away with a nice sum. Awesome Job!

Joe M
June 26, 2010

Dear Mona,
I want to thank you for the stellar job you performed in our tag sale. You are kind, thoughtful and very organized. You have a hard working and friendly staff. I would recommend your service to anyone and everyone who is considering a tag sale. The clean out service was extremely helpful.Thank-you again.

Valerie R., Long Island
June 07, 2010

Kudos to Mona, Tom and Jeanie! it was a pleasure having them do our tag sale. Very professional.Thank you again.

Roxanne and Arthur
April 11, 2010

Thanks for all your help with the tag sale. My family appreciated your guidance and insight during the process. I was also impressed by the large following you have and was glad to see so many of your regulars at our tag sale.Stay well and thanks again.

Billy B, Long Island
March 31, 2010

Last summer I decided to purge my house of 27 years worth of stuff (Name attic to basement to garage). Mona and her crew were terrific, they were professional, punctual and performed as they said they would. I had my own episode of “clean house”. I highly recommend Mona’s services whether you have a small job or a large one like me. Once you clean out, you’ll never save stuff again. It was an extremely liberating feeling. Thanks Mona!!!!!

J. Miller – Baldwin, NY
March 24, 2010

Getting out Name under a house and all you accumulate after years and years can be one of life’s toughest experiences! Let me say Mona and her wonderful staff made a very tough experience….manageable!

Randee Baum
March 17, 2010

Dear Mona and Staff,
Thank You!! Thank you!! Thank You!! for the wonderful, professional job you did at my tag sale in Jericho on Nov 14, 2009. The job was A+++++++.

December 11, 2009

Our law firm recently handled an estate where there were no family members who could dispose of the contents of the house. We were fortunate to find Mona. She was able to sell the contents of the house for more than twice their appraised value. She sold many items, that I thought we would have to discard, and when she was done, there was very little left to clean out. She did a great job, was very reliable, and a pleasure to work with.

November 25, 2009

Mona and her entire staff were terrific, Name set up to clean up. They managed to have the customer and homeowner happy! Mona, thank you for making our sale a fun experience!

Lisa Gilman
November 24, 2009

I want to thank Mona and her staff for making what could have been a difficult day easier. The care and attention provided at yesterday’s tag sale resulted in a successful result for me as the homeowner. It was comforting to watch the warm interaction between Mona, her staff and the “regulars” who frequent these sales. I thank you all for a job well done!

Arlene Friedman
November 24, 2009

Thank you for all your help. The whole job of cleaning out was way too overwhelming for me to handle. You and your staff were great and made it look easy.

Mary Anne Koenig
October 22, 2009

Mona, You are terrific you did it all just the way you said you would!. Everything went well and the whole experience was an absolute pleasure. The people that work with you did a wonderful job. The whole “tag sale” was a huge success. Thanks so much

Barbara & Arnold Sloman Freeport NY
October 20, 2009

We just want to tell you how very happy we were with the results of the “Tag Sale” that you and your wonderful staff ran for us. Right Name the beginning you were there to hold our hands and to walk us through the entire process. It turned out to be a fun and profitable time for us. Thanks once again!.

Barbara and Arnold Sloman
October 05, 2009

Your workers were fantastic. they were pleasant and very accommodating. it was a pleasure to work with you an I will highly recommend my friends. again thank you for your assistance in helping clean out the house.

Yvette Kupferman
August 21, 2009

Dear Mona and Ralph,
Thank you for the opportunity to work with both of you and your team (Lena) yesterday. Although it was a very long day, and not exactly what I had in mind, it turned out to be a real eye opener and a very successful experience. I couldn’t have done that without Ralph’s help. Thank you Ralph!

Frank Llerandi
July 24, 2009

i think ur great

July 23, 2009

Mona, we can’t thank you enough for making our sale such a success.

Nancy & Dave
July 10, 2009

Mona: Thank you for assisting my elderly parents with the clean out of their house. Forty-plus years of accumulated “stuff” can be overwhelming to a couple at any age. I appreciate the patient manner in which you dealt with them and the professional manner in which the sale and clean out took place. Thank you for your efforts.

P. Brooks
26 May 2009

Mona, first, thank you!! For a process that can be extremely overwhelming, I can’t imagine someone doing the job with as much efficiency, integrity and thoroughness as you and your team did for me. When I got your name by word of mouth I thought you were just a moving company. I had no idea that you would help me sell antique furniture, jewelry, odds-and-ends, paintings, silverware, unique looking baskets, etc. for top dollar. And you were there for me through completion as your team cleared out and broom swept my apartment. (It was icing on the cake to meet you to realize throughout that you enjoy your work…..) I felt like you were on a mission for me.

Dimitri Gedda
25 Jan 2007

Our tag sale was an experience that was made satisfying by the wonderful staff that was here–Tommy & Ellen. They were on time, cheerful, pleasant & very knowledgeable about their pricing. Mention must be made too of Gwen & Nancy who came earlier in the week to do the setup. No problem! Hope you all have the Tommy & Ellen experience if you go the Mona Route.

The Friedmans
11 Dec 2006

I want to thank Mona and her crew for helping us with cleaning out the house and selling the items my grandmother had left. Having lost my grandmother has been very difficult, let alone handling the items and house she left behind. The services that were provided by Junkbusters made this process a little easier for my sister and myself. Thank again.

Debra Borzym-Falco
02 Sep 2006

Never even having been to a tag sale, I realized that I couldn’t possibly run one myself. So I went to several that I saw in the paper. I was most impressed by Mona’s and decided to hire her. What a great decision! Gloria, Ellen and James instilled my confidence the moment they walked in the door and I just sat back and enjoyed the experience. Mona and her staff turned a dreaded burden into a fun (and profitable) adventure.

Roger Diamond
22 May 2006

Thank you so much for orchestrating and facilitating the tag sale at my mother’s house in Plainview. Thank you also for arranging for Yeshiva to come out Name Brooklyn and take so many of the items that did not sell. As I expressed to you, I felt so much better knowing my mom’s things were going back to Brooklyn to be put to good use. My husband and I went by the house this past weekend and your crew did a beautiful job with the clean out. It is truly amazing! Again, words cannot express how grateful my family is to you and your company for all you did. I would highly recommend your services to anyone.

Ruth Lanning
09 May 2006

Anyone who is interested in having a successful tag sale should consider none other than Mona and her crew. Perhaps most importantly, Mona is a good person as well as an outstanding and knowledgeable business woman. She helps take the stress Name the sale. After being a customer at many of her sales it was my turn to use her services today before we relocate. Mona, along with Tom et.al., ran a great sale, with a huge turnout and many regular customers. Hire her and let her do her thing her way! Thanks to all of you for a good day and even lots of laughs.

Rita and Larry
25 Mar 2006

When I arrived at the sale and saw that it was a tag sale I was upset as I never found one that was worth going to. This was the exception. The two of you were not only professional but a pleasure to deal with. I thank you for the great deals. Marc Golden

marc golden
29 Sep 2005

Mona, I was so happy with the professional way you ran the tag sale and the fantastic job you and your crew did on the cleanout of my aunt’s house. Since I was faced with the selling and cleaning out of a two family house and full basement by myself, there is no way I could have done it without you. I highly recommend you to all. You are the best. Janet Doctors

Janet Doctors
09 Apr 2005

I am the most fortunate person because I met Mona after working with two other people who didn’t come close to Mona. Not only is she caring, extremely honest, helpful, hard working but she has become my friend. My cleanup was huge— my husband is a collector of “junk” and the amount of stuff was unbelievable after 23 years of never throwing away. She went above and beyond helping my husband throw away and store important papers and books and doing it in a timely fashion for the buyers timetable. Also when running the sale even though it was a tough time between Xmas and the New Year she helped me compose an ad for the newspapers which was enticing and successful —people were lined up outside my door. Please do yourself a favor and hire Mona she is a treasure.

Karen Newton
12 Jan 2005

Dear Mona, On behalf of our entire family I want to thank you for a fantastic job. You made what was to be an overwhelming task seem easy and seamless. Your personal attention was greatly appreciated and your Junkbuster Team was superb. If you ever need a volunteer for your next Estate Sale please give me a call. Best regards, Adrian

Adrian Grad
17 Nov 2004

Mona was great to work with. I was very impressed by her ability to quickly price my tag sale items and get good money for what I thought was junk. She is also a very likable and fair person. I highly recommend her.

Ben, Queens, NY
29 Oct 2004

Mona cleaned out a relative’s apartment. Since I’m in California, I needed someone I could trust, someone who would take responsibility and handle things, and someone who could deal with unanticipated difficulties. I hired Mona and she took care of the rest. She found creative ways to solve problems fast and cheaply. Mona turned what could have been a very unpleasant situation into a hassle-free experience.

Matt Jacobs
27 Oct 2004

We are relocating out of state after 35 years in our current home, which had many good memories. For us, Mona made what could have been a very difficult day, very bearable. Mona, plus all her staff are to be commended. They were all accommodating, pleasant and an absolute pleasure to work with. Mona is the best. I highly recommend using “Tag Sales by Mona” if you are considering a Tag Sale – no one else will do!

Lenora and Richie
27 Jul 2004

If the time has come to move on, or sadly to close up the home of a deceased loved one, there is one place to turn for the perfect balance of sensitivity during a difficult time and the business savvy to get you the cash you deserve — it’s Junkbusters. Mona Scavo treats her clients with the respect they are due, and understands how difficult it is to close a house that contains the memories of a lifetime. She consistently gets fair prices for your belongings and finds a good match for donating the few items that do not sell. Mona and her professional team have a solid following among buyers, too. They know what their loyal customers are looking for and help them to find those special items — that translates into sales for the homeowner and great service to those who follow her sales closely. Kindness, attention to detail, and professionalism add up to triple quality that you simply don’t find anywhere else.

Christine – Proprietor By the Sea Store
16 Apr 2004

We are active estate buyers and deal with many different companies and by far Mona & her crew are the BEST! JUNKBUSTER is the most professional, friendly and reliable company in the business! You can count on them for the best possible job!!!!!!

Nikki & Brian
30 Mar 2004

We always know when we see the Junkbuster tag on a tag sale ad that when we go we’ll find friendly service and reasonable prices. Mona and her staff are a pleasure to deal with, unlike many other tag sale people. The web-site is great!!!

Mary and Penny
02 Apr 2004

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