Estate Sales

Who can use Estate Sale services?

Executors of an estate, people moving to a retirement home, nursing home, out of state, in with a relative, to smaller quarters, in fact, anyone who needs to sell most of their home’s contents.

What kinds of items do you sell?

We can sell virtually anything that is legal and safe to be sold. Antique, contemporary and used furniture and furnishings. Fine antiques, collectibles and just plain bric-a-brac. Clothing, costume and fine jewelry. Tools, appliances, garden equipment. You name it.

When do you have a sale?

Most clients prefer to have their sale about 2 weeks before moving. We can schedule your sale to meet your timetable.

When should you start to contact Mona?

When you go to contract or when you are thinking of listing the house, this way we can help you step by step. Some homes need to be cleaned out before they are listed with an agent. Sometimes the basement or attic or even the garage need to be cleaned or organized and we know what to save for a sale and what to dispose of. Don’t throw anything away until you meet with Mona (Junkbuster).

Is there a minimum amount of items?

There is no fixed minimum. However, the amount of goods to be sold, the value of those items, and the amount of work involved determine whether Tag Sales by Mona can be of service and the best method of selling the merchandise.

How do I know if I have enough items?

Sometimes a phone call is all it takes, but frequently we will need to go through the home to be certain.

Is there a charge to see if I have enough?

No. If after talking on the phone, we agree to look over the items to be sold, there is no charge for the initial appointment.

What exactly does Tag Sales by Mona do?

For most Estate Sales, we start working at the location several days before the sale date, depending on the amount of work to be done. We bring in folding tables and table cloths to display the small items to be sold. We unload cabinets, closets and drawers so that all items can be seen. After displaying the items to be sold, we price everything. Pricing is based on our knowledge of the market-place over the last 10 years, a reference library and a network of individuals with expertise in specific areas. We write and place all newspaper advertising, send out email announcements to our subscriber list, and when appropriate, distribute flyers. Over the course of the sale, we can usually sell 90-95% of the items for sale. Normally only “bad garage sale items” are left. These can be donated to charity, retained by the owner, or discarded at the clients discretion.

Do you have references?

We have a file of reference letters from previous clients as well as a list of previous clients who have agreed to answer questions. You can read excerpts from a few of the letters now, by clicking on the “Testimonials” link on the left side of this panel.

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