About Mona

Tag Sales by Mona/Junkbuster are a division of The Garage Sale Store Inc. The business was started in 1996 and is owned by Mona Scavo. Mona has been organizing profitable Estate Sales/Tag Sales/Private Sales ever since. Her professionalism, knowledge of the items being sold and her friendly, personal and helpful approach has made Tag Sales By Mona one of the long standing, successful tag sale companies on Long Island, Queens and Brooklyn. Mona has a very loyal following of buyers and is known for putting the seller together with the right buyer. She also has an email list of over 10K (and growing everyday) which will ensure your sale will be reached by many potential buyers. Mona also advertises on her website as well as many local and nationwide websites. She also uses social networks to further advertise your sale.

The contents of every house are different. You will feel secure in the knowledge that Mona through 24 years of experience, and research will make your sale a profitable one.

But the most important thing about Mona is that she is the proud grandmother of Brooklyn, Rocco and Gianna.

To learn more about Tag Sales by Mona read some of her testimonials and the New York Times article.

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    PHONE: (516) 378-6613


    ADDRESS: P.O. BOX 195, BALDWIN, NY 11510